Manhwa and Webtoon


Friday, March 31, 11:00:00
Cinema La Compagnia

The Comic Book of the Future

Webtoon is to date one of the comic communication forms of the future. With its ability to gather different genres of comics both by design and plot into one platform, the webtoon has literally conquered the world, and that is why the Florence Korea Film Fest, after last year’s great success, has raised the bar this year and brings to Florence in an exclusive masterclass, thanks to the collaboration of the Busan Cultural Contents Complex: KIM Woo-seop the webtoonist creator of “Shark” already a guest in Florence last year, and JEONG Kyu-ah From the very long career studded with successes.

Featuring illustrators Jeong Kyu-ah and Kim Woo-seop
Presenters: Veronica Croce (Masterclass Curator), Giovanni Russo (Lucca Comics and Games), Francesco Mariotti (Nemo Academy Florence)