Meeting with Bong Joon-ho


Thursday, April 6, 15:00:00
Cinema La Compagnia

Geometries of Gaze

With seven feature films, a Palme d’Or and four Academy Awards, Bong Joon-ho is among the most celebrated and hailed masters of contemporary Korean cinema. After a retrospective devoted to him in 2011, Bong returns to the Korea Film Festival in Florence for a masterclass that will trace his career from his early days to the present. The meeting (curated by critics Marco Luceri, Caterina Liverani and Luigi Nepi) will address the main junctures of his idea of cinema: reflections on the fractures that run through Korean society-from individuals to the different social classes (as in Barking Dog Never Bite, Mother, Memories of Murder and Parasite)-and on the announced ecological disaster (as in Snowpiercer and Okja) are always accompanied by a style that combines the originality of an authorial gaze with a taste for a spectacular cinema with a strong popular connotation (as in The Host). A cinema of heroes fighting “against everything and everyone,” on the chessboard of a world of uncontrollable trajectories.

Featuring director Bong Joon-ho
Presenting will be Marco Luceri (Film Critic and Journalist at Corriere Fiorentino), Prof. Luigi Nepi (Lecturer at University of Florence)