Meeting with Park Hae-il and Kim Han-min


Saturday, April 1, 11:00:00
Cinema La Compagnia

Actor and Director’s Notes

At the Florence Korea Film Fest the meeting with Korean actor of the moment Park Hae-il and director of record Kim Han-min. Park Hae-il, this year’s star of Park Chan-Wook’s “Decision to Leave” and Kim Han-min’s “Hansan: Rising Dragon,” will retrace the steps of his more than 20-year career, recalling his most significant roles and encounters with the authors who have directed him and with colleagues who have worked alongside him. Kim Han-min will analyze the Korean film industry from the perspective of a director who has made some of the highest-grossing films ever, starting with his 2007 debut with the thriller “Paradise Murdered,” which starred Park Hae-il himself, whom he also directed in his latest film “Hansan: Rising Dragon.” Dialoguing with guests will be film critic Caterina Liverani, who edited the catalog of the 21st Florence Korea Film Fest.

Featuring Actor Park Hae-il and Director Kim Han-min
Presenting: Caterina Liverani (Curator of the Section and Masterclass).