Director and producer, she makes her directorial debut with the documentary "A Postcard form Pyongyang" after producing several films including "Strassenkaiser" which participated in the Max Ophülus Preis Film Festival.


I don't think there is a more exhaustive title than that of this documentary, "A Postcard from Pyongyang" is a real postcard of North Korea. The directors, really risking everything, filming the moments of their travels, despite being forbidden, manage to show us how North Koreans present their country and how firmly they believe everything they say, showing the indoctrination of the population typical of dictatorial governments. As the director points out, "It's all so perfect. Sometimes too perfect." The extremely interesting aspect of this documentary is how the filmmakers manage to show the change in Pyongyang over the years, even more interesting is how they managed to film their journey without being discovered. "A Postcard from Pyongyang" is one of the most realistic documentaries about North Korea.