Official regulations of the 2023 Edition

The 21st FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST is organized by TAEGUKGI – TOSCANA KOREA ASSOCIATION, a Cultural Association funded by the Italian Government, the Region of Tuscany, the Embassy Republic of Korea in Italy and the City of Florence.

The Association is distinguished for its programming of top films and cultural promotion of South Korea. The FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST is the most important cultural and artistic project among those organized by TAEGUKGI TUSCANY KOREA ASSOCIATION.

The Festival is a nonprofit cultural event.

Taegukgi Tuscany Korea Association

The FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST has been an AFIC member since 2013.


TOSCANA KOREA ASSOCIATION, a cultural association funded by the Region of Tuscany, the Embassy Republic of Korea in Italy, the City of Florence and the Metropolitan City of Florence.

The Association is distinguished for its programming of top films and cultural promotion of South Korea.

The FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST is the most important cultural and artistic project among those organized by TAEGUKGI TUSCANY KOREA ASSOCIATION.

The Festival is a nonprofit cultural event.

Festival Goals.

To make European and Italian audiences appreciate Korean cinema, developing and encouraging their understanding of it.

To contribute to the commercial distribution of Korean films in European and Italian markets.

To study and research Korean film history through retrospectives organized in collaboration with Korean film archives and government agencies.

Create a mutually beneficial exchange between Korean and European film companies.


The festival will be held in Florence from March 30 to April 07, 2023

Headquarters – La Compagnia (570 seats). A 2-story style facility with press room, hospitality office. The Theater also includes an area reserved for afternoon panel discussions, which are held daily during the Festival.

Festival Sections

In Competition, Retrospective, Out of Competition

4.1 Competing

The Selection Committee chooses the films to be included in the Festival program, with the help of local consultants in Korea who work closely with leading film producers and distributors.

The program will be published on March 01, 2023; the deadline to submit films for selection is January 1, 2023.

Prizes will be awarded to the three winning titles based on the highest number of votes from the Festival audience.

The winning films of the 21st FKFF 2023 will be announced during the Festival’s closing ceremony on stage and On-Line in front of the audience they will be awarded the “FKFF Audience Award.”

The festival awards are:

FESTIVAL CINEMA AWARD (Ceramic Plate created by Florentine Ceramists)

FESTIVAL AUDIENCE AWARD (Orizzonti & Independent) (Ceramic Plate created by Ceramisti Fiorentini)

FESTIVAL JURY AWARD ( Orizzonti & Independent) (Ceramic Plate created by Ceramisti Fiorentini)

FESTIVAL SHORT FILM AWARD (Corto Corti!) (Ceramic Plate created by Florentine Ceramists)

4.2 Retrospective

Each year the Festival focuses on a different historical aspect of Korean film production, presenting a retrospective program prepared by one or more experts in their respective fields of expertise.

To celebrate these annual retrospectives, the FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST. publishes a monograph that aims to remedy the lack of information found in Europe and Italy on Korea’s rich film history.

4.3 Out of Competition

Films that the Selection Committee deems to be of extreme value and importance will be included within the Festival program out of competition, even if they do not meet the requirements of duration or release date.


The official languages of the Festival are English, Italian and Korean. Films shown have Italian and English subtitles.

The afternoon discussions of the experts, with the participation of the artists and our Asian VIP guests, are translated in full into Italian by translators.

Selection for the “In Competition” Section.

Any final decisions and changes to the program will be made by the Selection Committee.In order to participate in the ‘In Competition’ section, all films must fulfill the following requirements (exceptions are made at the discretion of the organizers for special and justified situations):

Only feature films released after January 1, 2023 will be accepted.

All films submitted to the Festival must have English subtitles and be in HD Cam or DCP 2K format. If the DCP is locked, we need to receive the KDM key two weeks before the Festival (so that we can prove it) and that it is valid for the duration of the Festival.

The Organization has the right to reject copies of films in case they are not considered acceptable to present to the festival audience.

All submitted films may neither have previously participated in other Italian festivals nor have been screened before the Festival in Florence. In exceptional cases, the selection committee may decide to consider whether to accept a film that has already been screened in Europe. However, films already submitted in d’Italia will not be considered.

6.1 How to participate / Materials

Films selected for the festival will receive an official invitation, Entry Form and Agreement Form to return completed and signed.

In order to ensure that all the films participating in the Festival are correctly translated and included in the Festival catalogue, and for the organization of the promotion by the press office, the Festival must receive the following material no later than January 1, 2023 (the quantity in parentheses is indicative):

Entry Form with complete information;

Agreement Form signed by the responsible person(s).

A DVD of the film with English subtitles (the exact copy of the version presented at the Festival).

The English dialogue list with Time Code.

Photographs of the director and cast at least 10 holes of the film in high resolution in JPG format;

Press kits, including director’s biography (10)

Samples of advertising materials, e.g., posters (at least 5 to be displayed) and flyers (30);

EPK materials of the film (audio clips / HD clips / HD trailers), for promotion on national and international TV and radio; the trailer must be MP4 (1920×1080) and must be sent via We Transfer to: or ;

Cast & Credits

For each film, each company is kindly requested to provide all the promotional material available. Subtitled DVDs, English dialogue lists, and high-resolution images are strictly necessary materials.

DVDs, posters and flyers should be sent to the following address:

San Domenico Street, 101
50133 Florence, Italy
Tel: +39 055 50 48 516
For any information regarding the materials and how to participate in the festival, please contact the following address:

6.2 The Select Committee

The Selection Committee will be assisted by a commission of experts in Tuscany and Italy and by a group of foreign correspondents and consultants who will operate in Korea.

6.3 Festival screenings

All films are shown only once at the time specified in the program and will be presented in the original language version provided by the producer/distributor.

For the duration of the festival, FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST will adopt anti-piracy measures.

6.4 Official Logo

After the Festival announces the official selection, production and distribution companies must ensure that the official 21th FKFF 2023 logo will be used for any promotional activities of the film.

Shipping information

All costs of shipping films and other materials between Korea and Italy are borne by the Festival. In case a film participates in another festival following Florence FKFF, shipping costs from Florence to the new destination will be borne by the following festival. This regulation also applies to films that are sent to a destination other than their original destination.

All films submitted to the Festival must be sent to the address of FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST in Florence (Via San Domenico, Florence 50133, Italy). Please contact your local TNT Courier office for collection, we will provide you with the appropriate DHL customer number. In order to prepare all the technical services and translations of each film, all films must arrive at the office at FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST no later than Friday, February 30th.

All film suppliers are requested to give precise instructions on where the film should be returned; this must be done by April 30, 2023 if, after the screening, the film is to be sent to a destination other than the original one. If we do not receive precise instructions about the new sender, the organizers will send the film back to the original sender. All films will be sent to the addresses provided within two weeks after the end of the festival.


The Festival organizers reserve the right to invite VIP guests, including directors, producers and actors, to participate in the Festival for the promotion of films.

Guests attending the festival will be asked for a passport-size photo, and an additional photo to be published in our Festival catalog. It is also expected that guests will attend the following official events:

Introduction of one’s film on stage, before the screening (guests will be invited to the stage by a member of the Florence Korea Film Fest Selecting Committee. and the presentation will last about 10 minutes).

Morning of private interviews with international press and media.

Meeting with the press, media, and audience present during Asian film conferences

All guests and participants are aware of the media partners’ right to air on TV and radio the content and materials collected during the event.

8.1 VIP guests will be provided with:

One round-trip flight to Italy. Each guest will receive a prepaid flight ticket a few days before departure.

A maximum of 4 nights in one of the best hotels in the city (at the discretion of the Organization).

Reception by a dedicated hostess at Florence airport.

Chauffeured transfers to and from the airport, and to any other destination during your stay in Florence.

Interpreters (Korean language) for all meetings, presentations, interviews and whenever needed.

Meals, based on Italian food, specially arranged in quality restaurants and wineries.

Any other specific requests will be taken into account. Participation in the Festival of all films and guests implies full understanding and acceptance of all Festival regulations.
For more information, please contact:
FLORENCE KOREA FILM FEST via San Domenico 101, 50133 Firenze – Italy
Phone +39/055 5048516
Fax +39/055 5048516