The Florence Korea Film Fest Awards

Festival Cinema Award

The Florence Korea Film Fest will honor the guest of honor of its twenty-second anniversary, actor Lee Byung-hun, with the special Festival Cinema Award. A recognition that the event wants to bestow on the talent of a great protagonist of Korean cinema, already well known to all fans and viewers of the Festival thanks to the many unforgettable performances of a successful career, in the year of his worldwide consecration.

Festival Jury Award ( Horizons & Independent)

A group of jurors chosen from professionals engaged in the film industry with diverse skills and interests will be united to evaluate the films in the two competition sections (Korean Horizons and Independent Korea) to award the Festival Critics Award to the winning film of the 20th Florence Korea Film Fest, which will be announced at the close of the event.

Festival Audience Award ( Horizons & Independent)

Among the two categories of films presented at the Festival, Korean Horizons and Independent Korea, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite either in the theater at the end of each screening or online through the MYmovies website. The winner of this special award given by viewers will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Festival Audience Award (Short, Shorts)

Among the short films, audiences will be able to vote for their favorite either in the theater at the end of each screening or online through the MYmovies website. The winner of this special award given by viewers will be announced during the closing ceremony.

The FKFF 2024 Jury

Elisabetta Vagaggini (President)

Elisabetta Vagaggini has a degree in Literature, a professional journalist, who has been active in the Tuscan scene for over twenty years as an expert film journalist. After her debut with work for various radio and TV stations, for which she conducted the programs “Toscana Nostra” (Rete 37), “Week-end in Toscana” (TeleRegione), “Non solo ambiente” (Canale 10), she focused on cinema, following her lifelong passion. On Rete Toscana Classica he created the formats “InformaCinema” and “CineMag”; from 2009 to 2020 he edited “Toscana Cine News”, broadcast on and Toscana Tv; he directed the six-monthly “Odeon Casa del Cinema” (published by the Prato Publishing Group). For Fondazione Sistema Toscana, he curates the format, broadcast on Novaradio, “Compagnia On Air”; she is the editor, for cinema, of the online magazine, the official portal of Tuscany; she is in charge of the Press Office Area Cinema, a job that leads her to organize and moderate film previews, press conferences, meetings with authors. For Edizioni La Vela he is one of the authors of the book “The Art of Laughter” on film comedy and, for the same publishing house, he has recently published the book “I knew them well. Stories of Women Who Make Cinema”. His publications also include the editing of the texts of “Shoptalk, a survey on improvisation in dance”, published by Company Blu, Imaie Prize 2009; the tourist guide of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina; the book “Along the tracks of time” published by CoopLat.

Lorenzo Pierazzi

He is a film critic for Toscana Oggi and a member of the IPAAF jury. Coordinator of the Tuscan Regional Plan “Cinema and Images for Schools” he is a member of the SNCCI. He has participated in the Moby Dick Festival and Luccacinema. He collaborates with ACEC and Diari di Cineclub. He has published «Three thousand five hundred jokes – Fifty-two films for a year of cinema» éd. 2022-2023-2024. The 2024 edition won the award for best cover at the Aracnea Film & Book Festival.

Laura Della Corte

Freelance journalist with an unbridled passion for Asian cinema. I immerse myself in the intricate oriental cinematographies with a pen that speaks of emotions and culture. You can find my writings on Agenzia Nova and Lega Nerd, where I explore the world of cinema with critical eyes and a passionate heart. My voice also resonates on FRED FILM RADIO, taking listeners on a journey through unique cinematic stories. Not only words, but also actions: I have had the honor of participating in film festivals in Asia, such as the prestigious Jio Mami in Mumbai, enriching my perspective and bringing even more color to my experience in the sector.

Carlo Pellegrini

Architect by profession and cinephile by passion or vice versa, with years of experience in film festivals and meetings. In 2010 he founded, with other visionaries, the cultural association Glue. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with the Stensen Foundation, taking care of projects aimed at schools, the David di Donatello Youth Award and the film programming of the summer arenas of Villa Bardini and Manifattura Tabacchi.

Luca Barni

Graduated in History and Criticism of Cinema at the University of Florence, in 1998 he founded the Mabuse Cineclub together with cinephile friends and began working as a cultural operator in the city of Prato, where he was born. Since 2004 he has been an independent exhibitor and programmer in Pistoia at Cinema Globo, first, and then at Cinema Roma. Since 2016 he has been curator and head of the Cinema department of the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato.

Ginevra Barbetti

Freelance for over 15 years, she works as a journalist in the culture and entertainment sector for the Corriere Fiorentino and Io Donna, where she mainly deals with cinema and theater, doing interviews. She teaches storytelling at the university and is a consultant in digital and strategic communication for companies. Among his passions: the Italian horror of Bava, Argento and Avati, the 80s and the novels of Italo Calvino.