Florence Korea Film Fest – For more than two decades, the destination for Korean Cinema in Italy

It was 2002 when the first film festival dedicated to Korean cinema in Europe was presented in Florence. For more than two decades, the Florence Korea Film Fest has been the benchmark for fans of Asian cinema, its stage has been trodden by Academy Awards, Golden Palms, and Golden Lions but not only that, it has also introduced to its audience many first-time directors, some of whom have gone on to become international superstars.

Audiences at the Florence Korea Film Fest, which is growing steadily each year, were able to experience the best of Korean filmmaking by meeting the most prestigious guests also through the many master classes. In addition, the festival also takes its viewers deep into Korean culture through art exhibitions and creative workshops. The constant dialogue with its audience means that the Florence Korea Film Fest has become, in its own right, a true institution.

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