The Art of Transformism


Saturday, 23 March, 11:00
Cinema La Compagnia


A face forever printed in the collective imagination. It is that of Song Kang-ho, the most acclaimed of today’s Korean actors. Gifted with an extraordinary physical and expressive ability, Song Kang-ho is a versatile and unpredictable actor, ready to adapt his acting register to ever-changing roles and genres and capable of giving the character he plays unexpected depth. After the retrospective dedicated to him in 2012, Song Kang-ho returns to the Florence Korea Film Fest for a masterclass (curated by critics Marco Luceri and Caterina Liverani) entitled “La buona stella”, which will retrace his career, from the beginnings to the present day, through the films he has starred in for masters such as Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook, Hong Sang-so and many others. The meeting is also attended by renowned director Kim Jee-woon, who directed Song Kang-ho in his latest film, Cobweb.


Featuring actor Song Kang-ho and director Kim Jee-woon,
Presenters: Marco Luceri (Film Critic and Journalist at Corriere Fiorentino), Caterina Liverani (Curator of the FKFF 2024 Catalogue), Prof. Luigi Nepi (Professor at the University of Florence), Riccardo Gelli (Director of the FKFF 2024).