The Wonderful Decade of Korean Cinema: The 60s


Tuesday, 26 March, 11:00
Cinema La Compagnia


What was cinema like in South Korea before the Hallyu phenomenon broke out? What stories were told? Who were the stars you saw on the big screen? And who wrote and directed the films that audiences flocked to see in theaters? We will find out this year thanks to a retrospective that will investigate the folds of the history of Korean cinema in the magical decade of the 60s, bringing to light forgotten masterpieces. A golden age that has recorded remarkable results, far superior to those of previous decades in terms of content and form. The phenomena of stardom and the distinction between film genres, together with the emergence of increasingly talented authors, have been crucial for this success. This has also led to the consolidation of an ever greater and more rigorous activity of film criticism.

This and how these films are now screened in the most important cinemas in the world will be discussed during the Masterclass.


With the participation of Film Critic Jeon Chanil
Presenters: Caterina Liverani (Curator of the FKFF 2024 Catalogue), Federico Frusciante (Film Critic), Riccardo Gelli (Director of the FKFF 2024).